Hey there!

Hi, I’m Yvette and I’m as passionate about your business as you are, yes really!

Founder of Clarity Jane Marketing, heart-led business owner and marketing maverick, with a penchant for rock music (well metal actually but I don’t want to scare anyone off!).

My superpower is taking over-complicated marketing information and distilling it down into clear strategies and actionable next steps – in short, I love demystifying marketing for heart-led and purpose-led business owners just like you, because marketing should be easy (even though I get that it doesn’t feel like that sometimes).

I created Clarity Jane Marketing because working with heart-led and purpose-led business owners
I noticed two things kept coming up;

Marketing is seen as some unobtainable part of the business puzzle, leaving business owners feeling overwhelmed and in a fog of confusion.

These business owners were feeling a bit ‘icky’ about all this marketing malarkey and unsure how to promote their services or products in an ethical way, aligned to both their business objectives and their values.

All they wanted to do is share their talents, serve their clients powerfully and have a positive impact in the world - sound familiar?

Why Clarity Jane Marketing?

We aren’t your run of the mill marketing consultancy

A ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing is not my bag. I believe your marketing should be as unique as you are and I won’t recommend ten ways of doing something when one will have the same impact.

A little clarity really is all you need to replace the confusion.

If you are ready to demystify marketing and share your business with the world then I’d love to be your wing woman in helping you to achieve these goals.

Think of Clarity Jane Marketing as your connecting piece of the business puzzle, the piece that brings your vision and your voice together and works with you wherever you are on your marketing journey to bring this all to life.

Big love, Yvette